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The InCap mission is to create systemic, positive change that catalyzes individuals and organizations to collaborate and cooperate in order to identify, capture, and share valuable
knowledge and wisdom that serves humanity and business.


Setting the standard for others to follow by:

  • Guiding individuals and organizations to sustained success by aligning shared values and visions, leveraging core competencies and knowledge assets, and creating collaborative decision-making that is conscious, equitable, and legal.

  • Leveraging Intellectual Capital within individuals, communities, organizations, shared visions, new social architectures, and knowledge-based technology to identify, capture, manage, and share valuable knowledge and wisdom.

  • Advancing domains of knowledge that simultaneously serve humanity and business, expand the cognitive evolution in understanding, connectivity, consciousness, and social responsibility to allow social intelligence to grow, abundance to flow, and suffering caused by injustice, unfairness, ignorance, hatred, and prejudice to cease.

  • Creating the standard for knowledge base content by promoting technical excellence, quality, value, equity, ethics, integrity, responsibility, diversity, and respect for others.

  • Enlisting exemplary people, partners, and organizations whose endorsement, support, reputation, and position will validate InCap and its mission.

  • Working with visionary leaders whose standing, guidance, wisdom, experience, compassion, and understanding will enable InCap to accomplish its mission.

  • Leading knowledge base content by applying vision, creativity, innovation, compassion, and intellectual clarity.

  • Doing well by doing good.



InCap embraces the IDEA Framework because it supports our mission, vision, and values:



Connect, collaborate, support, and partner with every person and entity who supports an inclusive world.


Create and sustain an organization, community, and world that reflects, respects, and values the differences of people and world in which we live.



Share the wealth of ideas and opportunities in ways that support fairness and justice.



Provide people with free and open access to valuable knowledge and wisdom through intelligent software.

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