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Our Perceptions of Henry Koltys

His Mentor 
“Henry’s the visionary behind this revolutionary product concept. He has a unique combination of creativity, knowledge base expertise and employment law experience.”


Peggy Taylor, Venture Capital Investor and Former Senior Vice President
Application Development and Customer Service PeopleSoft, Inc.


An InCap Client
“Ethical organizations like Applied Materials need decision making tools which accurately reflect and implement their values. Without a consistent way to achieve this goal “transactional” values become the de facto standard. Because his values match our own, I support Henry and his vision: to empower managers with an expert system to consistently make the right personnel decisions.”

Glen Toney, Former Group Vice President
Corporate Communications
Applied Materials, Inc.

A Colleague
“Henry is one of the most ethical, hard working, and creative judges I ever supervised. His knowledge, skill, ability, and dedication resulted in many well-justified and appropriate judicial opinions. On the basis of his exemplary performance, he earned a high degree of my confidence as to his judgment of the cases before him.”

Alfia Bourne, Former Chief Administrative Judge
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

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