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InCap provides AI tools, applications, and knowledge bases for positive, systemic change.

Leveraging Intellectual Capital

Each day people make important decisions without the requisite expertise or appropriate facts to reach the correct conclusion.

Decision-making can be further constrained by bias, prejudice, and subjectivity in the context of complicated, confusing or conflicting facts, policies, processes, procedures, and models.

An incorrect decision can result in significant harm to the person or entity as well as liability to the decision makers.

Expert Decision-Making

The typical method of solving difficult, complex or novel problems is for an expert to analyze facts then apply rules, heuristics, principles, and standards to make the correct decision.


Experts in healthcare, medicine, employment, law, environment, education, and other knowledge domains have limited time to make an unlimited number of decisions.


Because experts have limited availability and can only solve one problem at a time, this decision-making paradigm does not scale when the problems are time-sensitive, time-consuming or too numerous.

Beyond the AI Buzzword

Artificial intelligence decision support software that empowers non-experts to make expert decisions is rapidly gaining widespread acceptance. This software is often referred to as an “expert system” because it models how an expert solves a problem and empowers non-experts to make expert decisions.


Catalyst is an AI decision support software tool that enables domain experts to directly capture valuable expertise and create expert system applications. InCap has been developing AI software tools, applications, and expert content for over 25 years, long before AI became a buzzword.

Think Smarter with Catalyst

The best practice for creating an expert system application is where an expert uses a tool for direct transfer of intellectual capital. Since no programmer is needed to acquire and transfer the expert’s intellectual capital, the typical delays, errors, omissions, and revisions caused by traditional programming are eliminated.

Catalyst enables experts to directly and rapidly input his or her intellectual capital of knowledge, expertise, and experience into a repository known as a knowledge base. The expert’s intellectual capital can be represented in many forms such as questions, answers, rules, heuristics, help, formulas, theories, outputs, etc.

Rapid Development and Deployment

Deployment of the application can occur incrementally during and after the development of the completed knowledge base. This means that an application to analyze mental health disorders can diagnose depression and mania immediately, before anxiety, schizophrenic, schizoaffective, and related disorders are placed into the knowledge base.


Catalyst enables multiple experts to simultaneously collaborate in real-time to create many robust knowledge bases and applications.

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