Henry Koltys

Henry Koltys is the founder of InCap and a nationally-recognized expert in the use of artificial intelligence for legal reasoning. He is responsible for the design of intelligent tools, applications, and knowledge bases.

Since 1987, Henry has developed intelligent software that models the decision-making of domain experts for use by non-experts. Henry founded Decisis in 1988 to create intelligent employment law and human resources applications. Henry founded InCap in 1994 to develop intelligent software tools that empower domain experts to create intelligent applications.

In addition to his software development expertise, as a former Administrative Judge and Trial Attorney with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Henry has a strong background in employment law, management organization, and HR, labor, and workforce issues. He was Chair of the Expert System Group of the American Bar Association to promote the use of intelligent software for legal reasoning.

Henry donates InCap's software in order to share valuable knowledge, wisdom, and expertise. For example, InCap distributes free versions of KidsFirst! custody agreement and parenting plan software to self-represented parties in financial need.

Henry's assumptions and the mission of InCap reflect the core values of InCap's management and advisory board—as do the perceptions of those who know him.

Advisory Board

Peggy TalyorPeggy Taylor is a successful executive, manager, entrepreneur, investor, and board member of technology firms. While at PeopleSoft from 1989 through 1999, Peggy was Senior Vice President of Corporate Operations and member of the Senior Management Team, where she and Dave Duffield created the legendary success story. Formerly, she was Vice President of the Trust and Investment Management Group at Hibernia Bank and Vice President of Organization, Planning and Development at Bank of California.

Michael CrawfordMichael Crawford is the principal of Solo Systems, a software engineering firm that specializes in developing enterprise software. Mike is a systems architect and design expert who has designed and developed software tools and applications for many areas of business including tax, financial, legal, and medical systems. Mike has twenty years of experience in information management, systems integration, and object-oriented software and web development. He has been awarded a patent for a facility-wide medical monitoring system and a patent for a method of creating viewer-customized information presentations.